Hey everybody,

A few months ago I have printed a ducati 1199. After some amazing reactions and lots of interest about the ducati I decided to share some information with you. First of all it cost about 90 hours of printing and lots of hours to ready the assembly. The final weight of the bike is 325 gram.

The bike is fully printed with my ultimaker 2 printer. I have printed the bike in 3 colors (red, black and Shining silver). The black and red where supplied by Formfutura (PLA), and the Shining silver by Colorfabb (PLA-PHA).

Every item is printed on 210°C with layer thicknesses of 0.06-0.10 mm. The small objects(steps, handles, brakes and so on where printed with 2 or more at the same time to prevent it from ugly details). For the exhaust I have used Meshmixer support materials (was very hard to print), and for the steps i have used some Cura support.

For the detailing (red lines on back tire, yellow stuff, …) I used some acrylic paint. To cover the parts fully with paint, i recommend you to bring on some ground layers, or lots of layers in the right color to cover it fully. The yellow paint was hobby paint, and it only needs 1-2 layers to cover the plastic. This paint is looking way better than cheap acrylic paint!

The assembly is glued with superglue (not very happy with that, but don’t know a better glue for pla) and the result is very beautiful.

Even Marvin is impressed :slight_smile:

Link to the files: https://www.youmagine.com/designs/ducati-1199-superbike-complex

Printing settings:

  • Printer: Ultimaker 2
  • Material : Formfutura (PLA), @ (PLA-PHA)
  • Temperature: 210
  • Layer Thickness : 0.06-0.10 mm

The result is great, and I think you totally agree!

You’re welcome to react, and ask me if you want to know some things.


Some more pictures

Great model, awesome print!

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwesome! I have the same file, now I really want to make my own! That is like a 3D printing accomplishment trophy. Kudos.

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really very beautiful

Really Excellent work. Well done. I agree with @bluelotusssp that’s like a trophy to your 3D printing skills.

This is simply one of the most superb printable models I have seen. I cannot thank you enough for uploading this to youmagine, making it available for everyone freely. Kudos to you.

Very awesome. Can you upload all Cura settings / retraction, travel speed, other speed settings, fan settings, plugins /if you use/ and etc. /and version of software. That is is important i think. Can you remember G-code?

Really nice! Can you bring it to the Colorfabb meet-up tonight? I’d love to see it up close in person.

WOW…this is one of the best print i have seen :smiley:

Impressive! So many pieces and details!

Most of the time I have used some basic and the same settings: 0.1 mm layer thickness, 50 mm speed, retraction on, fans 100%, 210 degrees nozzle, infill 20 %, nozzle size 0.4 mm, base thickness 0.8 mm.

All parts are printed without brim, glue, blue tape or other stick stuff. I cleaned the glass plate with window cleaner to remove the dust and grease. With some build plate leveling and a clean glass plate on 60 degrees it will give this excellent results.

For a few parts (handles, brakes, clutches) I used 0.06 mm layer thickness and print 2 or more at the same time for more cooling of the pla. The clutches with feet steps need some support material of Cura.

The exhaust needed some support with Meshmaker sticks (3 sticks on the exhaust pipe), google is your friend if you want to know what i mean :slight_smile:

Last but not least, 1 handle has to be mirrored in Cura, there is only 1 handle on Youmagine!

I hope this is enough information for you to make an excellent Ducati too :smiley:

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unfortunately I had no time this evening, maybe next time!

Thank you

Amazing print, for the glue part i have the sollution: Abs glue ! It turns out ABS glue works even better on PLA,you can find it in your local hardware store. Look for hard plastic glue and check the back “suitable for ABS”.