I have the .stl file of a car that I need to print but the walls are so thin that it breaks at printing.

How can I fill this figure on Microsoft 3DBuilder or Autodesk 123D Design? It’s my first time printing so I don’t have any better software or much knowledge. I can also get it in other types of file if needed.


Hi @vedipo00 it really depends on the model, it could be quite easy or quite complex, it’s impossible to say without seeing the STL. Can you upload it?

If the walls are too thin you may never be able to print with FDM technology. If you can thicken up the walls you may be able to print - same as Cobnut really need to see the .stl file

There are several ways of doing this. If the Walls that are thin on your .stl are the exterior walls, then the easiest method is to increase the amount of shell layers that will be printed to 3 or 4, this feature is available in almost all slicers. In 123Design you could touch one of the walls from the inside of the STL and use the “pull” function to extend the wall 1mm or 2mm to the inside, but I’m not sure how well will this work on organic shapes

@xXxOlivierxXx increasing the perimeters in the slicer won’t change the thickness of the model’s walls, it’ll just change how they’re printed (perimeters vs infill). Unfortunately, neither will it be possible to alter the walls of an STL file using functions such as “pull” since an STL file is a mesh, not an object.