Hi everyone, for the last couple of months I had a problem configuring my Mk2 after moving it and not using for a long time due to some family tragedy. Yesterday I finaly got it printing with acceptable quality (did the configuration square from the “Z adjust my way” thread and the print came out perfectly in every way. After that I ran the Adalinda print I got with my printer. I had the printer since early June 2017 but have only used it for a month before we had a house fire so the printer moved around to my parents’ house and wasn’t used until the beginning of 2018. (I want to point out that the original PLA that came with the printer stayed on it for the whole time - I haven’t stored it separately during this time). I am attaching some images of the print. I am overall happy how it came out, but there are some issues I’d like to fix (some stringing on the wings and head e.g.). the biggest issue is the piece of filament you can see wrapped around the dragon’s front left leg. This piece is not missing from the print, it just seems as if on this point there was a problem with filament overflowing from the nozzle. This was the second time I attempted to print this yesterday, first time the same thing happened on the same leg, in the same time (around 1 hour and 5 minutes after print start). First time I stopped the print cause the filament was getting hit by the front fan guide. The second time I let it continue and it was finished in 7 and a half hours with no issues (except the minor quality problems you see on images). I have also noticed on other prints that I have a big problem with first layer above supports. The first layer (especially if it is a round profile) will stick very badly to the spport and I get a polygon instead of a circle (that is when the circle is parallel to the heat bed). I suspected I have some cooling fan issues, but both work fine. Every test on the Prusa gets passed and I have no problems with the unit itself but those small imperfections. The other issue I thought of was the filament quality dropping over the time not used, but I have more than 200 m left in this spool so I’m kinda reluctant to get a new one. I also thought I had some underextrusion problems, but after this print I really doubt it. It now more looks to me as if I have ocassional over extrusion issues. Here are the images and I hope someone can help me this time, or give me some tips (I’ve included problem info in each image description): https://imgur.com/a/25PYz