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FlashForge Creator Pro Jam question

So I am new here Because I am having a very annoying issue with my Flashforge - well the issue isnt so much with my flash forge per-say as it has to do with my machine not being able to pull filament once it gets low on the spool.

When I have a full spool my guess is that the weight helps with the movement on my spool holder (I have TUSH printed ones with Bearings that work well, and inner spool bearing holders) it would seem that it should work with the little resistance. But It seems that once i get down to 25% or less on a spool - I get maybe three layers of a print then it fails - always that the filament is being grinded cause it cant seem to pull from the remaining spool. I put on a brand new spool and like magic it works… don’t want 25% remaining spools that’s a waste…

Anyone else have this issue - and does anyone have a solution - or ideas towards a solution. Working on a big project and wasting time on failed prints