Hi, My printer does not reach the end of a long print before it finishes. It seems to be something to do with the software. when I compare the time it as printed to the percent of job completed. they do not match i.e. on a 20 hour print it might say 8 hours print time and 50% complete. I have changed the mother board but still have the problem. All ideas welcome


Percent completed is really just a measure of the amount of the code it has processed. In this case it has gone through half of the code in the file. This is pretty typical.
Time and % completed are really an apples to oranges measure. You really can’t compare the two to each other.

I occasionally have jobs where it will say 4 of 10 hours done but only 19% completed. It is all dictated by the model and how it is sliced.

Thanks for the reply, The problem I have is that when it reaches 100% it finishes even thought there maybe 5% left to print. or at least I think that is the problem is a 20 hour print to much for the Dreamer? It seems to be ok on smaller prints, could you suggest any other things it maybe.

My first thought is that if a print isn’t finishing it is that the gcode file is incomplete. Some printers will tell you that the file is incomplete but others do not.

Another thing is to see if the print is too tall or some other way hitting the size limits.

What slicer and how big is the gcode file?

Hi I am using Flashprint slicer, the thing is its not every time I need four items for the piece of kit I am making. So far I have made two prints successfully and have had three failures wasting a lot of ABS and time. each item is slightly different so I have to reload each time. Is there anyway I can check if the G code is complete before I press print.

How are you transferring the gcode file to the printer?

download the STL file from tinkercad to my Mac then drag and drop into Flashprint. I have made lots of prints that way

I mean the gcode file from flashprint. How are you getting it to the printer? SD card, USB?

sorry, I am connected using USB

Odd. Maybe the built in memory on the printer is getting full. Is there a lot of files stored on the printer?
On my Guider II I can go to Build and select the on board storage and see all of the files. I frequently delete most of them.

good point I’ll check that out. So far it is printing as I would expect, 20 hr print at 5:30 hr and 20%

Cheers Tony

Did you ever work this out? I’m having the same problem. I’ve had prints a couple hours long come to completion, but a larger print I am trying is saying it is 100% complete when it is only 80 percent complete or so. It’s driving me nuts.

in the end I changed the motherboard and for now it seems ok though I have not done really long prints since then.