Formlabs Resins for Sale



Hi all, having got shot of my Form 2, I have a number of resin tanks and filled print trays that I no longer need. I also have one (1) unopened, sealed, print tray. All of the tanks have been used and vary in the amount in them, as follows:

Durable (FLDUCL01) - 6 prints, 0.2L used

Tough (FLTOTL03) - 7 prints, 0.3L used

Grey (FLGPGR03) - 1 print, virtually full

White (FLGPWH03) - 11 prints, 0.5L used

I also have a little Black (V2) and Clear (V2), probably about 0.2L in each. Each of the above resins has a corresponding print tray, currently filled with that resin, so there’s about another 0.15L in the trays of each.

Since the print trays are full, and I’d rather not empty them and discard the resin, I’d be looking for someone happy to collect from the Dorchester (Dorset, UK) area.

If you’re interested in taking this resin of my hands, please get in touch and I’ll consider any reasonable offer - bearing in mind this is about £450 worth of resin, so no silly offers please.

The unused print tray could be shipped, but ideally I’d like to shift the whole lot to the same buyer.