This week we announced our hosting the biggest celebration in 3D printing: the Global 3D Printing Day. We don’t want to blow our own trumpet, but we’re about to make history here, peeps :wink: For this, we invite you, our Hubs, to open your doors this December 3rd for a few hours to fellow makers.

This is a good time to remind everyone of how far we’ve come as a community. At the same time, it’s an awesome way to show the power of digital manufacturing and to give everyone all around the world the opportunity to see 3D printing in action.

The cherry on top: it’s a great day to promote your Hub in your neighbourhood :wink:


So what’s the current status?

  • Over 370 Hubs are on board since Monday
  • Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Italy, India, Mexico, The Netherlands, Spain, South Africa, UK and US have the most Hub confirmed per country. We’ll soon share a map with the location of all participating Hubs.

What exactly will happen?

See a few examples of what other Hubs are doing:

  • 3D printing demo
  • Intro to 3D printing
  • Prints display
  • 3D scanning sessions
  • AMAs about printers
  • 3D modelling demo
  • How to build a Delta printer
  • Prosthetic arms printing
  • Laser engraving demo
  • Hydrographic coatings for 3D prints
  • Aerial photography and photogrammetric modelling and printing of terrains

Who couldn’t say NO!

A special shout out goes to all Hubs and Mayors that confirmed so far! And also to @Msquare in Copenhagen and @3DPrinterSA in Johannesburg who already started the conversation with their communities here on Talk.

Quick tip: Make sure to follow the 3D Printing Day tag to receive updates for the day.

Share in the comments below if you plan to join the celebration and, if so, how will you celebrate Global 3D Printing Day? Hope you’re just as excited as I am about this one :slight_smile:

Let’s do this!



Can’t wait!

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Same here :slight_smile: Any particular plans for the day?


Not really, my local 3D community is not very active so I’m not expecting a big attendance :slight_smile: You?

Gotcha! But then this is the perfect opportunity to get them curious about it :slight_smile: What type of prints to you plan on showcasing?

As for me, I’m lucky these 2 daredevils @Simona and @koenbodewes will most definitely prepare something special for the day here at the office. So yeah, can’t wait!


*UPDATE: we’re getting close to 400 Hubs - over 390 confirmed Hubs already!


Better get prepared :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Now where’s that map? :slight_smile:

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We’ll most likely share it early next week. Right, @koenbodewes?

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*Monday UPDATE: 411 Hubs confirmed!

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where is the map?:slight_smile:

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Any time now, @BartsGarage :wink: Will you also join #3DPrintingDay?

@BartsGarage @3Dxgr Looks like this Thursday the latest we’ll have our map :slight_smile: Stay tuned!

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Yes, finally I can confirm my joining :wink:

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Can I use GLOBAL #3DPRINTINGDAY in promotional materials of the event? Eg. on social media or posters?


next thursday? =P