Hello, I’m trying to print something with a lot of over hang but I’m having trouble with doing supports. I sliced the object using ReplicatorG and everything appears fine when using that program but when I try to use the Gcode in Pronterface and Repitier it doesn’t appear. Upon viewing the print path in Pronterface I can see the item but it doesn’t work. I checked it out in both programs under a few different settings and it appears to be flipped on it’s side as if I was trying to print horizontally instead of vertically. Anyone know how to do supports differently/fix this?

Printer: Velleman K8200

Have you tried slicing with Slic3r or Cura in repetier host?

I need supports to print this object. To my knowledge You can’t generate supports with either of those.

Both have multiple options for auto generating support structures. Have a dig through the settings and you’ll find them.