Hi can someone help me out with settinhs for delta mini on astro print?


As you probably know. Astro print interpreted cura 3.6 slicer into the cloud system so as i try to set up my mp mini delta and choose at the slicers cura 3.6 it adds unique setting which is the extruder setting. Which isnot shown up on any of the other slicers you can choose. I tried printing with the all fdm… default setting and it printed craply. It seems like i need to find out what kind of extruder the machine has and to search for it in the list. So i tried looking at google. Nothing that i found was in that list so i decided to choose the extruder of the select mini ver 2 which is on the list and see how it works. It works much better but still not perfect. And i got to mention that there are more options downs to the extruder setting you choose after you choose it with items i have no idea about. So maybe can you tell me the extruder setting i need to set up or alternatively tell me how to fill those values downstairs?
Please help. Thanks ahead