How do you make your 3D Printing Price?


Hello everyone!

Tomorrow I will host a Meetup in Brazil and its theme is “3D Printing Pricing”. So I ask you: do you make your price based on which factors? Solely on the the costs (material, energy, man hour)? What is your strategy? =)



Hi Henrique,

With 3D Hubs we use the standard start-up cost as the initial price and then charge per cubic centermeter as we feel in general this reflects a fair price which then allows for support material to be added to the costs if necessary. I understand some people externally from the platform charge by time and also with the high end printers such as SLS we have more flexible pricing.

Digits 2 Widgets have an incredibly well thought out and innovative pricing system which you may want to check out as well using containers -


Thanks! I’m checking your suggestion! =)


Hi Henrique,

I think that, if you charge all the hours, energy and materials you will come up with a price that will not bring you any orders.

It also depends if you do this “on the side” or as a business. It is somehow also a bit of love for 3D printing. If you enjoy doing it you will settle for a lower price which is also affordable.

The other thing is something like a “fair” price; in other words: what would you pay for it yourself?!

At the moment I am charging € 6,00 per print and € 0,35 per cubic cm, which I believe is a fair price and sometimes even a little bit to fair. It would be nice to be able to differ between small and large prints and whether you can print the order in one print run or more.

Goodluck with your presentation (if I am not to late) !

Kind regards, Guy