How long does PLA keep for?


I have some PLA that’s been kept in a closed plastic bag for 9 months and never opened. Is it likely that it will still print ok?

There’s no signs of moisture in the bag and its been in a box not in direct sunlight.




Hi George, should be fine. I have some PLA that I’ve had for 3.5 years (came with my first printer) and I printed with it recently. I think the UV degradation is only if it’s been in direct sunlight and I always store my materials away from direct light. If you do have issues with moisture you can always dry it out. If the plastic bag is sealed it should be fine though. At least that is my experience.




Probably fine. I just printed with an old roll that is a yaer or more old.


Trust me.

with normal room’s temprature. a printed model can alive more than 6 years.

And just 3-6 months if throwed outside :slight_smile:

My projects are still now functioning. With the PLA fillament

This is the PLA brand name: Torwel nhựa in ABS PLA


Thanks just needed to be reassured.


Hey Greg,

Thanks for the info.

Going to be printing with faberdashery filament, any tips?


None in particular. I would say it’s just a good consistent PLA that prints like PLA :-). Clean Glass on a 55 bed temp works for me. 60 was a little too high and caused shrinkage. 200 degree nozzle at 40mm/s and adjust if you want to go faster. Love their metallic and their glow in the dark -they seem to print even better than the standard colours