How to overcome triangles on top layer?



Hi folks,

So I’m trying to print this box, however when I print it there are triangles on the top layers that I just don’t want to see, and I have no idea how to fix it.

Here is an example of it in Cura:

And printed:

Does anyone know how can this be fixed?

(I attached the .stl file - box.stl)


If you mean the “chevron” looking surface I think that indicates the top surface is not flat but has a slope to it.

I can look at the STL this evening to see what may be up.


@wirlybird hit it on the head. Its due to slopes. You can get less stepping by lowering the layer height, for example from .3 to .1.
In Simplify3d, you could run different processes, so you could print up to that area in a larger layer height, and then just do that area in a lower layer height.


Change the model? The “triangles” are there because that’s where it changes layer height.

The bottom surface is curved and not flat it looks a bit of a pain to print cleanly.


That’s also the bottom of the print, the square pattern appears to be the support/raft.


That’s the stepping of the layers. If this is your model make sure the top surface is flat. You can try to orient this as flat as possible but the surface is convex not flat.


The surface is not flat sloping away from center line, this causes the particular pattern of triangles

To remove means to flatten that surface, not “Lay Flat”

You will need to either extrude the surface then clip flat or find a comfortable cross section and cut it

Please see attached file
box_0_flattened.stl (3.32 MB)


You can also lower the layer height which will make them less noticeable.


Hi Daniel, really appreciate what you did here, thank you!

Can I ask from you to keep the rectangle (marked in Red) and also to keep the angles on the sides (marked in Green)?

Many thanks!


OK Let me get that done … I’ll attach it shortly


Thanks, looking forward to it!


Hi Daniel, any update mate?


Hi Daniel,

Is there any update? I would really appreciate it.

Thank you!