How We Review Marvin Test Orders



Hey Hubs! I’m Simona and together with @Arnoldas

will personally review your Marvin test print. Incredible or not, we’re human! Trust Josef Prusa :slight_smile:

Schermata 2015-03-30 alle 13.59.17.png

This is the first order that will allow you to be verified by us and so be visible on search engine. So here’s a brief guide on how to get a perfect review!

We review Marvins on 4 parameters.

  • Print Quality: You can get five stars if the Marvin matches with the resolution you’ve listed. What we look in the picture of Marvin are especially the arrows indication and the layer height. If you would encounter some problems printing Marvin, we always suggest to take a look on and see if there are some best practices for your printer. If not I warmly suggest you to start a Thread and ask for advices to our expert Hubs, adding the tag of your printer.

  • Speed: Marvin takes really little time to print out, usually less than 45 minutes. If the print comes out within 48 hours, be ready to get 5 amazing stars on this point.

  • Service: Once the print is done please upload several High resolution pictures from different angles and to your Hub profile. We like to see Marvin doing a 360°.

  • Communication: During a normal order communication and responsiveness are crucial. For Marvin test print we’ll review your ability to respond on time in case of questions on the status of the order.

Enjoy the Marvin print and welcome to 3D Hubs!


PS: Not sure how to get the test print done? Don’t worry, start learning from people who successfully completed the print already!


The ultimate test! Without it “You shall not pass”!


look good


Nice, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Thanks. I look forward to working with you.



Me (We) too! Thanks Del



Thanks for the advice. I am hearing up my printer now :slight_smile:




I know I’m late on this post, but where do we post the pictures of our printed Marvin?


Did anyone else notice the Yellow Marvin above was not printed standing up? As per the instructions


Good one! It also doesn’t have an equal edge above the eyes.




Hey there! How’s your review going?


Hi, Simona. How long before I get my review?


Hi Masteryong! Usually it takes around 1-2 days, if weekend is included 2-3 days. Can you refer me to the order number?



I’m looking forward to start.


Looking forward to having you!


Hey guys I have a new Print Channel up for Printing sorry some of the pics are blurry I cannot get my 650.00CND Nikon to take Macros that close… Go figgure. Ask and I will try to post a good Pic if I can maybe on my GS3


Nice work


Thank you, for ordering