Is this happening to you? I have contacted support but no response so far.

My hub is on and active, but I would like to warn that any hubs that have advertising should check their sites quotation generator to see if there experiencing the same thing and pause their advertising immediately.

I do use mine to price out jobs, and then delete them, but I dont think that would affect anything.

Did you complete marvin?

I have. For some time now. I am now intermediate status, So I have had at least 33 completed orders so far.

Hi @Jinxbot,

Is the issue still present?

It is.

I’ve flagged the issue to our developers and I’ve sent you an email.

Let me know if you have any question.

Federico - 3D Hubs

I still see this as an issue from my end.

Any progress being made?

I’m also having the same issue - has anyone found a solution for this?

@Jason_Reynolds I see your order form seems to be working now…

It is working now. I reached out to tech support, it was a few days before it was handled. And it was over a weekend, which is when I get most my orders in.

But its working now.

That who is helped me.

I would keep checking your site as well. They said it was a “known” issue and it was in their plan to fix it.