Hub Pricing Constantly Messed Up.


Why is it that my hub will not give an accurate price when a STL is uploaded? It only shows the setup cost. If I add a second STL then a price shows but it is only for the first STL. If I remove the first STL the price does not change. If I remove both STL’s then it shows a different price even though there is no file uploaded.
As a test I loaded a 50mm cube and finally got a price after several attempts. Then I loaded a 30mm cube with the exact same slicer settings as the 50mm one and it priced it higher than the 50mm one. I don’t understand it and there is no excuse for this behavior.

3dhubs continues to add pointless and ill-conceived things to the hubs but still can’t get something so basic and essential to work correctly and accurately.


Hi @wirlybird,

Can I ask if you reached out to 3D Hubs support about this? We’re always available through and will be happy to help you troubleshoot the issue and report a bug to our development team if it turns out it is indeed a bug.

Please contact me directly through with the screenshots and 3D model so I can try to reproduce the issue.

If you have issues with any of our new features that we’re working on, feel free to communicate those as well. We appreciate all the feedback our users send to us.


Robin - 3D Hubs


Yes I did reach out when my last customer placed an order and got this behavior. The only solution given was to cancel the order and start again and do that until it worked. This led to more “declined” orders. Very frustrating because the only thing that came out of this was an increase in declined orders and no actual solution.


That happened to me on a recent order. I just adjusted the price manually to get the right price for the customer. Because if you decline an order, that is also a hit on you, pushing you lower in the ranking for a system error.


Yea but you have no control when 3dhubs cancels the order but you and the customer get a decline anyway because their stuff doesn’t work right!