I own 3 Zortrax M200’s and was looking forward to printing larger parts on the M300 until i found out they were asking over 4K for one. I decided to design and build my own large scale 3D printer with a heated chamber after experiencing warping issues on the M200. I built this monster in less than 2 weeks and for less than 1K. It stands 1.35M tall and 0.55M wide with a build volume of 300X300X750mm. Get in touch with my Hub if you think you have a large scale project that will put it to good use!

You should look into the fully enclosed Raise3D N2.

It has a 12" x 12" x 12 build area.

You could you any brand of filament.

You have complete control of extruder and bed temperatures, fan control, etc.

And it is lower in price for the M300 which is just a M200 with a large bed.

I am a reseller of both Zortrax and Raise3D N-Series 3D printers.

The Zortrax is a great printer but the Raise3D N-Series is vastly superior.


That’s impressive! Can’t wait to see your tests. Are you using any addon’s you used for the M200’s e.g. Ztemp? You could make really small houses for tiny people with that.

Good luck with your new printer.

We are building a 3D printer with a build size of 950x950x950 mm just for printing PLA. First test prints have been done.

That looks great! Nice setup and made use of high quality parts like bearings etc. Where did you order those? Misumi?

peter I have a Raise N2 Plus and after several month now my findings are that this printer is the worst piece of scrap i ever had in my hands, air printing is regular, losses of prints due tu mutual failures of nearly all parts in this printer are adding up to over 90 %, quality is pessimum, the rods are to weak, the head with his weight is bending them several mm, the ventilators where falling apart during the first few prints, clogging of nozzles is his middle name, fuzzy prints which look like a cat under electroshock is normal, even the guys at Raise could not print a sellable model with flex material after i send them a file, this is one of the examples where a company gets the cheapest and not apt parts and throws them together into something which does never have the chance to work just to make a fast buck, its a so called hit and run business model. Sorry but i had a Zortrax 200 for nearly 2 years you can not even name the two at the same quality level, my lawyers are preparing to sue this company for fraud at the moment. But its the sellers which by transmitting unproved bulls… like vastly superior without having worked with the machine thats how those companies make money, some 800 companies pop up every year and the same number is gone after a season when clients who where tricked into buying this technical crap where pulled over the table, this is fraud, smells like fraud and tastes like fraud, period.

All the bearings were sourced from bearingboys.co.uk. I used olite bushings on the X/Y axis as the blocks slide along the rods and the rods also rotate.

Wow, for 1K in two weeks? So…you can build me one for 2K then? :smiley:

Ha I could build you one but 2 weeks of my time is worth a little more that 1k :slight_smile:

As would mine be :wink: So what would your 2 weeks be worth then? :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably around 2K but it varies from month to month :slight_smile:

I’m going through the same headache right now with John from Raise3d- I got the n2+ and I was “lucky” enough to get a faulty control board for the touch screen and their brilliant solution? …Touch two serial pins with a bloody piece of wire…are you freaking kidding me? Not to mention the fact they don’t openly advertise that you either have to leave the machine powered on indefinitely or you risk malfunction once it wakes up and charges from being inactive. All of this for the wonderful value of $3600! No thanks.

This guy peter is always tooting his horn about how much better the raise 3D is than the zortrax. He then goes on to promote himself as a reseller of it. Fact is if you join the FB group for raise3d and see the multitudes of issues people are having after having paid 4 grand for a made in China piece of crap, you’d see the reality of it. I own several zortrax problems and have NEVER had a problem and the prints are generally better quality than the raise hands down despite what peter says.

I normally do not comment in these forums anymore,however I thought that you unwarranted comment on me deserved a response.

First of all I was a reseller of both machines, not anymore.

I had offered a Zortrax versus Raise3D printing challenge where I would print the same model of your choosing on both printers and send it to you, which by the way only two people took me up on. DID YOU?

I still have three Zortrax M200 and 5 Raise3D (N1, N1 Dual, N2, N2 Plus and N2 Plus Dua) machines, I also have an Ultimaker, a UP Box, a original UP Plus, a Makerbot and a CEL Robox. All have their uses, all are good, some great machine, all have their issues.

I had never said that Zortrax machines had issues or that I did not like the Zortrax, I think you are being a little paranoid here in your comment.

And as far as “made in China”, I’m sorry but where do you think your Zortrax printers are made, Poland? In China like almost every 3D printer. My old distributor has been to the factory.

And let’s not put down Chinese made products as crap, that is just showing your arrogance and ignorance.

As far as FB groups, the fact is that most people that purchase 3D printers should not have purchased them, as, again my opinion, 3D printers are not for mainstream users. One sometimes needs a lot of knowledge and patience to deal with 3D printing.

In fact, with you look at any 3d forum group for any brand printer you will see the multitudes of issues that people have with all brands of printers, not just Raise3D, and to say otherwise would be a blatant lie.

Let’s be honest here about 3D printers and 3D printing, 3D printers serve as useful as tools and each one, no matter what the brand, have their issues and for every printer on the market there is plenty of room for improvement.

There is no perfect 3D printer and whoever says there is a perfect printer has never had to print for a living.

I gave an honest opinion based on owning and using both machines and printing hundreds of prints on each machine.

I am sorry if your experience is different, however do not put me down because I have good experiences with the Raise3D.

I said that the Zortrax was a good machine but I liked the Raise3D better for particular reasons that I had stated, this does this make me a bad person?

Let me ask you this, do you even own a Raise3D? Probably Not!

Have people had issues with Raise3D, yes as with ALL PRINTERS, my first Zortrax M200 had it’s heated build plate sort out the first time I used it and the SD card reader stopped working at 2 months and had to be replaced. My Ultimaker came with a non working hot-end, the heater was not working. I went through a dozen of Makerbot Smart Extruders until they made their design changes. I have a brand new Leapfrog Bolt that I have not been able to print with in over 4 weeks as of yet. Is the Leapfrog Bolt a bad printer? Don’t know yet, I am still working with support to isolate what is causing the issues. So, big deal, the support of the Utimaker was great, the support of Zortrax was non-existent, the support of LeapFrog is wonderful. WIth a little patience, help from support, replacement parts and time I was able to get these printers to work (not the Bolt as of yet).

Was and is all of this frustrating? You bet, but I don’t cry about it, no, life and work went and goes on.

I am not looking to argue here, that is one of the reasons I do not usually comment in any of these forums, I just give my opinions, which I don’t even do that anymore, however because it seems that people like you want to deny others a voice, an opinion, based on real experiences with actually working with the machines day in and day out, making their living out of 3D printing.

You think this printer is great, that one sucks, fine that is your opinion, but let’s try not to be insulting about it.

I don’t usually respond on forums, I don’t like the hostile angry comments that people like you feel that they have to voice, always offering a contradiction to everything they don’t agree with.

Remember the old adage, that if you have nothing good to say then say nothing at all!

Now you could rip me apart for what I had said here, that is fine because I understand what people like you really use the forums for, to make themselves feel superior to others. Always contradicting what someone has to say to, making people like me look like we do not know what we are talking about, trying to make yourself sound more knowing, more important, etc.

Well I assure you that I do know what I am talking about but do you?

As fas as I am concerned this subject should have been closed a long time ago and now I do consider it closed.

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