Info needed on very small item


hi all,
I am looking to possibly get a small plastic washer made. Looking at about 3mm wide with inside hole about 1mm.
the washer supports a spring so has a body of say 2mm and a flat top.
It has to be strong to support the spring (the washer keeps spring in place and that keeps pressure on a cog) and also not snap.
Can this be done or is it just too small?
Thanks you for any info,


Yes it can be made that small. You may want to do it with a nozzle smaller than the “standard” 0.4mm if it doesn’t work to good. If I were making it I would use my printer with a 0.2mm nozzle.

I would consider using ABS or PETG for strength. PLA would be ok if the washer sits flat against something like a nut where the springs pressure is uniform against the washer.
Also using PLA you would want to make sure that temps around the washer are relatively low so it won’t deform.


Oh thanks for the reply.
0.2mm tolerance should be fine with this so the 0.2mm nozzle sounds good.

I might well draw this up and give it a go.