Instant Orders without payment


I have received several orders where the customer somehow submits the instant order without payment (so it sits there as an ‘accepted order’ waiting for payment to start printing) It was my understanding that a customer could not submit an instant order without providing payment info. This also leads to a weird middle state of the order where it’s sitting in my queue yet I don’t receive notification that I have a new order submitted so if I don’t check my hub periodically I would never know to reach out to the customer. To my understanding this defeats the purpose of instant order because you’re taking away that instant aspect. Have other people experienced this problem? And is this a bug or are customers supposed to be able to do this?


I have been getting this also. I emailed support on Nov 27 and Robin replied back with this "The way Instant Orders work is that they are actually very similar to regular orders except for the fact that the order goes straight to the “Awaiting Payment” step and no notifications are send out to the Hubs until the order is paid for. So it’s possible that you receive an instant order that is still in the Awaiting Payment step but the customer simply hasn’t paid for it yet."


Hi guys,

As mentioned by Robin, indeed the Instant order can still be not paid. Essentially the order is created and then the payment option is offered immediately.
Roughly 8% of the customers fail to pay for these orders and it is something we’ll need to release a separate feature to fix. The “response time” is not calculated for these orders at all though.


Your rating will still be punished for this unpaid order, although less than it used to be.