Introducing the new Hub Dashboard



Hello fellow Hubs,

Today we’ve released a big technical overhaul of the Hub Dashboard in order to help you manage your Hub better. While the update is mainly technical of nature still we are rolling out some significant improvements to the order navigation, order overview, account verification, and a split between the whole Hub and User account environment. Here’s a quick overview of the changes to help get you started.

dropdown arrows.png

You can now access your order overview directly from the homepage, which means less clicks and easier access from any page, while you can see at any time how many active orders you have. The order overview itself has been updated as well;

  • Inquiries (messages) are now merged into the order overview
  • There’s a status bar on order progress
  • Your placed orders can be accessed on the right side through ‘outgoing’

This is just a first set of improvements for the Hub dashboard. Aside from the interface changes, the revamped architecture allows us to easily roll out more improvements in the coming months. We’ll also work on the loading speed of the order overview, so bear with us while we rebuild the back-end to match the super fast front-end. Check out the Order Navigation here!


The shipping status has been improved and now shows whether an order is ‘ready to ship’, ‘shipped’, or if it’s ‘awaiting pick up’ or ‘picked up’. This way you no longer get confused about whether the order is already on its way or not.


With this update we’re also introducing Hub Verification. The goal is to generate trust within a larger customer group and improve the overall platform reliability. Verified Hubs get an extra boost to their Hub ranking and are therefore visible to more customers which increases orders. To get your Hub verified, there’s a simple 2-step verification process:

  1. Phone number verification; we’ll send you a text message with a confirmation code
  2. Address verification; we’ll send you a postcard with a unique verification code Get your Hub Verified

Get your Hub verified here!

Important Note: Hub Verification is still in beta and is currently only available to level 3 Hubs (intermediate) and up in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Edit (August 3 - 2016): Verification is now available to all Hubs:


All Hub specialties are being updated. We introduced pre-defined tags which allow us to make our system smarter and make your Hub easier to find for customers going forward. All popular specialties have been converted to standardised Talk tags automatically. You can find and update your Hub tags here. If there’s a tag you’re missing in the dropdown, feel free to request it through the form and we’ll make sure to add it. Set your Specialties here.


These updates are just the first of a series of Hub improvements we have planned for the next few months. Here’s a quick overview of what’s coming next:

  • Shipping: A way for you to add shipping options to the platform which are visible to customers in the checkout.
  • Order Overview: Further improvements like filtering by customers, printer, or revenue.
  • Hub Availability: An availability calendar and opening hours to communicate your availability to Hubs.
  • New Perks: Based on your feedback we’ll be adding new perks to the program.
  • Hub Discounts: Create your own discounts for marketing activities to drive orders to your Hub.

That’s all for now, please let me know if you have any questions through the comments.




I hope the ability to set new materials that arent in the list will be possible soon…


Thank you for all these great updates, they look amazing. I’d love to get my hub verified; it sounds a fantastic idea and great way to build trust and a customer base. I’d like to get that going as soon as I can, but unfortunately I get this message:

Verification is in beta and therefore only available to Hubs with level intermediate and up in Canada, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The thing is, my hub is intermediate and is also within the UK. Is this a bug, or is there some other issue here?


I love the extra detail in the shipping. I have been wanting that for a while. Not having the extra click to get there is also very welcome. Some of the upcoming changes sound reallt great too.

However I can’t verify my hub. The link in the email brings me to an error (attached)

And if I go through the dashboard it says

Verification is in beta and therefore only available to Hubs with level intermediate and up in Canada, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

I should qualify…

Great to see advances in the platform though.




and me!


During this update the layout has gone wrong on the Safari browser on Mac. The right columns on various pages have been knocked down to the bottom of the main content.

Actually the hub dashboard doesn’t work in Safari.


Also with this update my order widget button has become cut off, see attached.


Jep, we’re having an issue. next deploy (about 1 hour) should solve this. Sorry for the inconvenience


Ouch! next deploy (about 1 hour) should solve this. Sorry for the inconvenience


Jep, we have a Safari bug. Should be fixed in next deploy (1 hour). @FrancescoB could you double check the Widget issue?


I have just noticed that the picture shown in the Hubs listing has been reset to the default Initials icon “GH” rather than my selected profile picture - even though that is still showing in the hub itself.


I like the updates, however now when I try to edit my hub description and save I get the following error: “Ouch. There was an error updating your hub. Please try again or contact us.”

Have reproduced the problem behavior multiple times in 2 different browsers.



Edit Hub, description portion appears to have limited text now. It is showing my current description from pre-update… but I cant make any changes to the hub details because it keeps saying description required. When I try to type in the description it appears I have more than maxed out the unknown character limit… PLEASE REVERSE THIS ASAP!!!


Now when I load the page the whole description has been cleared out completely!

*PISSED OFF* I dont want to re write all that!



Images on “perks” page is broken to.


I’m on it, will get back to you asap.


Hey thanks for reporting this, we’re fixing it right now. You won’t have to rewrite that :wink: @JATMN


Thanks for reporting. Bug on Safari should be fixed.
We’re now on the Order Widget problem.


Thanks, Yea I see it still in tact on the hub view just messed up in edit mode.