This project now as a name PRINTTABLE with under construction.


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​We are working hard to have the instructable ready. Check out our simple preview.

This project is just the beginning for a cheap large format printer. The volume is X=340mm x Y=310 x Z=300.

You would be surprised how sturdy this machine is and yet lightweight.

Printed a rough Marvin in under 4 minutes and a detail 0.1 resolution in 40 minutes using a volcano hot end with 0.6 nozzle

E3D V6 volcano and titan extruder, MKS SBase controller and MKS TFT using smoothieware.

I intend to extend the extension pieces to increase the Z Height and look at other versions of the lack table range now I have a fully working prototype.

Next will be the heat bed and enclosure.


Edit: it’s in the title. I like this idea. I have a bunch of those tables.

wow this is really cool! congrats.

are you planning to do an instructable about it?

Thanks for the comment.

Yes I am in the process of writing the instructable. It will be entered into the 3D printing contest so please let people know about it and remember to vote.

Thanks your support is greatly appreciated.


:slight_smile: nice build and i hope this gone be published ASAP :slight_smile:

so any one can make such printer :slight_smile:

I love it :slight_smile:

Will defo try building one someday.

This is awesome!! Please post a link of the instructable on here when you are done.


Really cool! How much did you spend on building this?

Amazing Job! You should send this to Ikea !!


I did think it would be cool if you could buy this from ikea in a kit.

I spent £260 and am currently constructing the instructable one for under £200

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Many thanks

Will do, cheers for the comment

How is the bed being supported with larger or heavier prints?


The simple test I did was…

1) put on 2 x 1KG rolls of filament on the bed to test stability whilst moving and z Axis movement.

2) put on 1KG roll of filament right at the front of the bed mid print and observed 0.9 mm of movement in the layer.

given the machine could easily move with 2 kg and only 0.9mm of movement was evident the layer when 1kg of weight was added mid print, over the coarse of a large print the incremental weight increase would easily dissipate through the layers with no adverse affect. Please also bear in mind the 1kg was added right at the front edge of the bed giving an uneven weight distribution, (thinking on worse case scenario).

The z axis guide rods operate independently from the Y and X Axis and are using 12mm rod and bearings

Thanks for the question and hopes this helps to answer it.

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When do you expect to have the instructable ready? I own three printers already, but I’m ready to build my own, and this is the one.


Looks good. I did the same, building an enclosure for an Prusa i3. Not as nice as what you have setup though. Great job.

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X 10 Marvin 0.5 layer height, No infill ,No Support 0.6 Nozzle 6.hrs 40 minutes

WOW very COOL …

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