I was printing a vase. I am not sure what happened but on the back side of the vase you could see a clear pattern of something… I am not sure if it is layer shifting or something else. It is only on the back of the print. I am using the i3 Prusa MK2. Any ideas what this is? I haven’t noticed it in any other prints.

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That looks to me like the layer start point. Every time the printer changes to the next layer height it pauses and drops off a little extra filament. No need to worry about this. Your slicer should have the option to align those points, or to choose them at random, or to make them as convenient as possible for the print. (I use Cura for instance)

Hope this helps!


This is normal, I think. Basically, when the extruder finishes a layer, it leaves a blob while it lifts to go the next layer. This results in a seam forming on 1 side of the object (the sum of all the blobs).

If you have Simplify 3D you can choose where you want that seam to be, or if you want random blobs instead.


Thanks! I will look into this on the slicer. Should have thought about the root cause of the problem a bit more before posting.

Thank you! This is in line with what the other post is saying. appreciate your time in answering!

No worries!