I’ve been having a strange problem with the last few prints. As you can see in the pic, some of the layers are darker than others. The prints otherwise turn out ok. I’m guessing it is a temperature problem but there is no option to change the temperature for zortrax. At least none that i am aware of.

Any ideas?

Interesting finish, but no idea why. Does this happen with other colors too or just white? Actually there is a way to change temperature, but you need an external device called Z-Temp (unofficial). Now that it supports non Zortrax materials maybe you can play with the setting to discover what is going on.

Ask this question on the facebook group “Zortrax 3D printer users”
There are also people who work by Zortax

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This is probably a temperature problem. This can be the thermocoupler/heater or a mainboard issue.

The Zortax people only read the manual for you.

Ciao. Si è possibile cambiare la temperatura della hot end e non solo. La nuova versione z-suite (1.11.0) vi permetterà di cambiare temperature. Bisogna scegliere advanced setting. Ciao

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This statement is entirely untrue… I for one have had some serious problems sorted out by Zortrax and associated parts were replaced quickly and a solution was found. I cannot emphasize how helpful they have been.

I was talking about facebook. The new people there mostly referring to the site and manual. This was not the case a while ago when they were much more helpful. The support from Zortrax itself is good.

That is odd. What is the filament? The main thing I see is it is symmetrical or there is a pattern. I would find temperature variations to be an unlikely cause unless it is getting so hot as to scorch the filament but I would think you would see other issues at that point. On some wood filaments you can get some color variations by manipulating the temps.

Can you think of anything that changed or happened around the time this started? New spool of filament? Does it happen on different models/files?

Have you run out a bunch of the filament to see if it has any color change on the roll?


At first, please check the spool you are using.

Is it Zortrax material? Does the thread have any changes in colour or diameter? Was this an old spool?

Is the issue repeatable with other spools?

As for changing temperature, update your Z-SUITE firmware, as we’ve recently applied “external materials” feature, which lets users to modify some settings (https://zortrax.com/stories/news/external-materials/).

I recommend you to clean the nozzle and check if all the cables are properly plugged to PCB (especially extruder cable and heater&thermocouple).

Please, if possible, provide more information.

Looking forward to your reply.

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Zortrax Team

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Hi Rada, my apologies, I thought it was zortrax support in general you were referring to.

No problem! The ‘normal’ support is great.

As long as there is no response from User 2369 we can not continue

When you set a temperature for a print, your printer TRIES to stay near that but ends up overshooting it and undershooting it in a sine wave pattern. Your temperature sensor (thermocouple for the M200) tells the computer to apply or reduce heat accordingly.

I’m guessing this material you are printing with is very temperature sensitive (or too moist) and/or your thermocouple (temperature sensor) is bad or loose.

Try the same thing with other materials and make sure to print directly in the middle of the temperature range the material prints at. It looks like you might be printing at the highest part of the range here, and your temperature is oscillating higher, which burns the filament a bit as it is coming out, causing the color change.

P.S. With the Zortrax M200: in the Z-Suite software you can click “Print” -> “Advanced Settings” -> “External Materials” (in the dropdown menu that says “Zortrax Materials” by default) … after you do this, you’ll be able to select a template (that is probably wrong) for whatever material you want to print with. You can change the temperature you print at here.

Also, Zortrax customer service will help you even if you didn’t purchase the printer from a retailer. I got mine from craigslist and they still helped me with my problems.

Another option to consider is Z-Temp and the related Z-LCD which displays the temperature as you are printing.

Link to a related post of someone with the same problem.

Haven’t been able to respond and havent done too many prints since.

I use only filament from Zortrax. The material is Ultrat.

Since i only print occasionally I dont have much oppurtunity to fiddle around with the printer.

I havent changed any of the settings, but i did remove the side walls, open the windows in the room where the printer is and leave the door open. Since then the prints have improved. The first few prints still had these strange layers but after about 5+ prints they are back to “normal”.

I’m guessing the temperature was the problem here.

I’ve read through a few of the posts and will try to change a few settings to see if that helps as well.

Btw the spool was new and there were no damages or unevenness of the filament. The nozzle had been cleaned a few weeks before the print in the picture and i had recalibrated the platform.

Regarding the information you’ve provided, it might have been caused by overheating and/or heater&thermocouple may be loose as one of the users mentioned.

Please, give us a shout via support form if the issue reoccurs: http://support.zortrax.com/support-form/.

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Zortrax Team