I have been 3d printing mostly for my D&D Campaigns. I recently have encountered an issue where the first 2mm worth of layers are compressed together. In most prints this is not an issue, but it does cause issue for my Terrain pieces that I clip together on the lowest 6mm. My I have been printing for almost a year, and I have only encountered this over the past week.

What I have been doing differently over the past month is setting my layer height for the first 6mm of my print as 300 microns then having the layer height switch to 100 microns after that. It has been working great until this week.

Has anyone else ran into this issue? I am not sure what to do since the only things I have changed in my Simplify3D profiles are the Layer Height and my Z-Axis Offset.

Since I can only post 1 picture with my current account status, here is a link to my Google Drive with some more example pictures.

I would recommend re-calibrating the Z Offset… it’s possible that the nozzle is too close to the bed now, which causes compressed material in the first layer. This carries through to the few afterwards, which is exacerbated for thicker layers.

I also advise you to calibrate the offset Z, I had the same problem and that’s what I did

https://downloader.vip/yify-yts/ https://downloader.vip/rarbg/

Y’know, it actually turned out to be the threads on my Z-Axis threaded Rods. They had been shaved, through general wear, ever so slightly, leading the first few layers of my prints to seem compressed. I since flipped the rods so the shaved bottom is now on the top near my stepper motors. When this happens again next time I will know to replace the rods entirely.
I believe this issue was caused by my using G29 Auto leveling. I have since turned it off and just manually leveled my bed.

Thanks for the update! Glad to hear this was resolved.