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Looking for an injection molding company to manufacture

Looking for an injection molding company to manufacture some plastic rod-like parts, about 20 inches (508mm) long and 1/4" (6mm) thick. I need about 1000 pcs made. Can anyone direct me to a trustworthy company that can do this for me? I am in the USA.

Hi David,

This is actually a service we offer through 3D Hubs here: www.3dhubs.com/manufacture

Maddie - 3D Hubs

Hello there,

We are located in West Palm Beach, Florida and we can provide you a quote if you would like.

Best regard.

Jay M.

Engineering Performance Innovations, LLC

Hi Chi,
Could you provide more information?
1 ) 3d Drawing? Is it a circle, square or hexagon? why you don’t prefer directly using CNC lathe but use molding method?
2 ) Material?
3 ) FOB Hong Kong or express?
4 ) 1000 pcs are OK
Please reply as follows:

thx Odin

Thanks Maddie, I will check out 3D Hubs’ injection molding service.

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