I’m looking for some user feedback to help me make a decision between buying a Stratasys Objet30 Pro or 3D Systems ProJet MJP 2500. Ease of use, reliability, print quality, print speed, material costs, service support, or anything else would greatly help. Thanks!

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If you want any information on both printers please dont hesitate to contact me on jamesc@sys-uk.com.

I have worked with both and can explain the pros and cons of each.

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If you want a better one I can also help you with that.

I work with the projet 3600 and the projet 3510 HD every day.


How did you get on with your decision, as I’m in the same situation at the moment and considering whether to go for a Projet 2500 as a replacement for the Objet 24? The reason being mainly down to the quality of the finish on the supported faces and ease of support removal.

Any views or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Adam,

We purchased the Objet24 and an A2 from 3ntr via Pluralam.com.

The Objet24 with the pressure washer for support materials has been very easy to use. We had a sample part printed by both the Objet24 and Projet 2500 a few times. We checked surface finish and dimensional accuracy on a typical part that we would be printing (injection molded type of design). What we found was that while the Projet 2500 did have slightly better details on some areas (like on sharp corners) other areas were not better as far as surface finish is concerned. The problem areas with the Projet were that on each of the 3 parts they printed for us they all had an oily feel to them and the parts were warped out of tolerance. They reprinted them for us but the parts kept warping. The Objet24 was right on dimensionally and the surface finish was very good. On the top side of the part you can have a gloss surface finish while where the support material is needed there is a matte finish. The part cleaning process is simple and quick. I scrape off the easy support material and whatever is left we use the power washer. Very simple.

The A2 FDM printer from pluralam.com was chosen due to the open source of materials (low material cost) and the strength of the plastics. We’ve just begun putting this machine’s parts into production. It is an extremely accurate machine.

I’ve attached the comparison chart that I made for your reference. We had the same part printed by each machine, which really helped us decide on the printers that would best fit our needs.

3d_printer_comparison.pdf (2.82 MB)

Hi John

That’s really useful thank you. I actually already have an Objet 24 but have found the supported surfaces a bit too coarse after cleaning up and even after jetting, the surface is still a bit ‘cheesey’ and needs scraping off. I was curious to know if the Projet parts come out better, but your findings have certainly given me concern about persuing it.

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I would ask a reseller to print a part for you to see. They seem to have no problem printing samples.

Hi James, Can you share your thoughts? Im going to make the exact same decision. I have quite alot of experience with the objet, but am unfamiliar with the projet. Any help will be appreciated. Assaf.

Hey guys I know this forum post is old by a few months. I thought it might be informative for you guys who are still looking to make decisions about purchasing a 3D printer. We purchased the 3d systems ProJet MJP 2500 Plus about 1 year ago and have been using it at Jaycon Systems. The reason we purchased this machine was to create prototypes faster for customers so that they could give us a decision to begin their injection molding mass production products with us quicker.

We made a youtube video showing a timelapse (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETiZLygllWs) the process of 3D printing with this machine. We have found the machine to be very helpful and is a very professional machine. We found the machine to have extreme high resolution. The material comes in three different colors. We work with the white material. Most of our customers prefer to use white. However black and clear are also available.

You would need to contact the distributor in order to order the material. The mjp is very superior and is a fast machine. The initial setting up and installation of the machine was done by a 3D Systems representative, they flew out to our company and set up the machine. We have always kept it in air conditioning. 3D Systems also requires the 3D printer to be on its own circuit. As well as be connected to a UPS which is a back of Battery Source to prevent any sort of disturbance with the machine electronics and 3D printing process.

The machine is expensive however it produces parts for us and makes us money, so we take care of the machine. If you’re considering getting this machine please ask me any questions I will be happy to answer any questions you might have about this specific machine. We have of course used other machines such as the Form Labs printers. We upgraded from a Form 1 + to this printer and have noticed a significant increase in resolution and it has seen the difference between night and day.

Perhaps in the future I will make a video blog and posted online for people who are still considering to buy this machine. We are considering upgrading our 3D printer in the future so that means we might end up selling this machine. I hope this helps you guys answer questions. If you currently have a desktop 3D printer and have lots of problems with your desktop 3D printer, you will find that purchasing this professional printer was very helpful and helped us to be more efficient in producing 3D printed prototype parts.

I would like to know how reliable the projet MJP 2500 is. Have you had any issues with this machine?

I wouldn’t say they are the most reliable. we had an issue with the print heads and its a very invasive procedure to change them all and getting and engineer out etc took ages!