Majority of orders broken models


Anyone else have a massive increase in broken models submitted?

The last month or two a majority of orders we’ve received contain errors in the models. It’s to the point now that we are considering cancelling all orders with broken models to save time explaining the issue to customers.

Is there a reason for this new influx of bad models? What happened to running them through netfabb?

@BennyHeretoHelp @gabriela3d any insight into this issue?


Example. Non-Manifold


I was told in a reddit thread a while ago that netfabb was turned off. I brought it up in a post here and no one else commented.



Thanks for letting us know about the challenges you’re facing with the current influx of error ridden models.

This may be due to our previous Netfabb integration. Since Netfabb was acquired they have turned off their API so we are in the process of building our own in-house file fixing tools to replace the ones we previously had via Netfabb. The new tools will be do the same and more, and thanks to building them in-house, we will be able to process/fix files a lot faster and more reliably. These tools will do such things as

I appreciate this isn’t a fix right now, but it’s something we’re looking to launch next quarter and working hard on with our research and development team. In the meanwhile please get in touch with if it continues to be significant challenge for your hub.