First of all let me say a big thank to all the entrants of the Make if Functional competition, it really showcased the talent we have within our respective communities. A big thanks to our competition partners SketchUp and Flashforge for providing a great platform for the competition and great prizes!

Without further a do let me introduce the top 10 finalists of the competition and within that our 1st and 2nd place winners.

1st Place

Entry: Photography Turntable

Username: jrbedard

Prize: A Flashforge Dreamer and a Sketchup Pro License

giphy (10).gif

2nd Place

Entry: Water dropper

Username: Carlos G.

Prize: Flashforge Finder

Those remaining in the top 10 will be contacted this week, originally we looked to print the files for the users but due to the way the files have been uploaded in some scenarios this isn’t feasible. To make up for this we’ll be sending out $50 voucher to our finalists. We look forward to seeing the designs come to life on the platform, here they are in no particular order:

- Username: Daniel H

- Entrance: Desktop Coin Sorter


- Username: Vrael

- Entrance:[ ](http://Eulidit Wallet)Wallet


- Username: Yuting Chen

- Entrance:[ ](http://Eulidit Wallet)Hanger light

- Username: ROKO

- Entrance:[ ](http://Eulidit Wallet)Aperitivo bowl

- Username: Lars Balsev A

- Entrance:[ ](http://Eulidit Wallet)Shopping list holder

large_thumbnail (2).jpg

- Username: Yuting Chen

- Entrance:[ ](http://Eulidit Wallet)Maui Plant Pot

large_thumbnail (3).jpg

- Username: Ryan M

- Entrance:[ ](http://Eulidit Wallet)Wine Glass Carousel


- Username: Emanuel G.

- Entrance: World Clock

large_thumbnail (6).jpg


Congrats to the winners! The entries are awesome!


What an adorably creative bunch we have. Congrats guys and gals!


I feel happy~

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Welcome to the community Yuting