Hi guys,

I hope you’re already familiar with MakePrintable, a free online mesh repair tool for the 3D printing community. Give us all your broken STLs!

We’re very happy to announce that we’ve just integrated with 3DHubs, so now you (or your customer) can upload to 3DHubs directly from us. This makes it faster to go from a file to a successful print. We hope that this helps people make more files 3D printable.

We’d really love to have feedback from power users and people that encounter difficult to print or difficult to fix files. Please let us know what we can improve or what new features we should add. You can tell us directly how to improve or talk to us here on Talk.

Take us for a test drive or watch the explainer video here.


Happy printing!


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I love makeprintable.com. Its great for repairing models, and modifying them within the process.

Top quality product!!!

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