Material visibility


The material visibility ha changed in the last weeks to remove Polyjet HD materials and fiber reinforced FDM and the result is catastrophic for me.

I’m charging less than most Canadian and US hubs for this HD printing and I was getting 2 to 3 orders per week until they change the visibility of the selectable materials on the order page.

Result: They killed my Hub and I have no more orders coming in since then.

I tried to complain but they keep answering that they think it’s a better experience for the customers bla, bla…

This is a disaster for me as I was counting on the orders from the 3D hubs to help me pay for this extremely expensive printer.

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If you are in the same situation, please complain to them and ask them to revert their order page to the way it was and stop this nonsense.



Hi @plvcpt, sorry to hear about your issues. Allow me to explain a bit.

For Q2 we’ll do a major overhaul of our material database, where customers can choose from all available printing materials. So, for what it’s worth, the current checkout changes (there’s different versions) are temporary and all serve to measure different aspects we’ll use in optimizing the new material selection flow. We need this results as input for the new design.

Specifically for Polyjet, even though we have removed it from the carousal, we’ve actually seen an increase in orders. The reason for this is that the usage of the ‘advanced search’ has greatly increased (one of the test variables) and customers still manage to find the Polyjet materials. As such, it’s very important to check whether all your materials are up to date, as this is what determines whether customers can find your Hub in that specific user scenario.

It’s too early to say for your individual Hub whether the recent changes have had a negative impact, as there’s a lot of fluctuation on a weekly basis, especially with Polyjet. If nothing has changed in 1 week from now, please reach out to me personally through email and I’ll have an in-depth look at the data.