Hey guys, a few weeks ago I was scanned with the structure sensor for the iPad at the office. Only after 5 minutes, the physical me was immortalized in a digital version. Damn, that was fast and with an unexpected high quality. My input? Just standing still and be scanned (filmed) as a real movie star. As a small dance, the person holding the scanner turned around me several times, capturing every pixel of my head and upper body.

Some tips for scanning? Have enough space (+/- 0.5 to 2 meter in diameter) to slide around the person that is scanned. And do not feel awkward while standing there as a statue, you’re being immortalized in 3D.

After checking out my 3D selfie on the iPad, it was send to my laptop. To clean up myself in real life I have to get some hair gel, shave and so on. For the digital me? I used Meshmixer. Meshmixer is an incredible easy, light-weight software that fix 3D files easily. I closed some holes in my body, as a result of scanning, and made myself solid within just a few clicks. If you would like to change something on your body in real life, plastic surgery is the solution. If you would like to change something on your digital body, use Meshmixer’s Sculpt tools. What program do you use? (Blender?) After some digital surgery, me was ready to be printed.

My favorite printer was used for the print; the Form 1+ with a clear resin. Why? It is all about the details. It can solidify layers of my body as thin as 25 microns. After about 5 hours, the digital mini me is physical. And now standing as visual art that operates in three dimensions.

Now I know easy this is, I would like to be something odd in future prints. Any suggestions? (feel free to take my digital me and come up with some suggestions) An example; a Legola®s
Lars.stl (8.68 MB)


Nice print! I made some improvements on the design :wink:

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 2.01.45 PM.png


haha nice one!

I consider this to be a very positive improvement! Lars , It was a great idea to share your-3D-self with the world!

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I scanned a friend with the Sense handheld scanner, same technology, last year. I then printed in on a form in clear, it turned out great. I can’t find a photo of the print, so here is a render.

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Haha, ‘fixed’ :slight_smile: Love this!

haha epic @Alex3DHubs

That’s pretty cool! Love the see-through effect of the clear resin… Any ideas to tweak the model to something odd? :stuck_out_tongue: