Hi everyone,

I am fairly new to meshmixer but I have gotten a general grasp of it over the last few months but I have a problem that I can’t seem to solve.
I have some subdivision survey data that I am preparing for a 3d print, however it has lots of cracks through it. I have repaired almost all of the internal ones using erase and fill, however this doesn’t work for cracks that end on the boundary. Is there any way that I can sloe these cracks and fill them in?

I have included a screenshot with the cracks giving me trouble in the bottom right corner.


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Not certain if this will fix your problem, but I had something similar with a 3D model and found this article very helpful :

If you want to make contact via my hub, I would be happy to look at the file for you and give you a reasonable cost to do the repairs.


You can try to remesh by using “Make Solid” tool:


Run it through an online STL repair tool. Try https://makeprintable.com is a good free tool for this.