I have looked for a good long while but can’t find a solution here or through google. I just hope I have been using the right search words.

I have made a human character model that stands straight that has overhangs and used meshmixer supports. The main problem is that the supports hug the model and get too close to properly pry off. Mainly laterally, not by the contact points themselves (they are great). The main body of the struts hug the model and fuse with the model surface. Is there a way to set the collision tolerance so the struts can stay away from being so close to the model surface (just the strut bodies, the points obviously won’t)?

The model in question I don’t want to share publicly that I made so attached an Iron Man model I also printed with the same problem to demonstrate.

If u increase the angle of suport and create some manuality parts u can get beter results.