I’ve been trying for a while now to take a model, add supports in meshmixer, and print them on my makerbot from a slice made a makerbot desktop. Simply making it happen isn’t the issue, I’ve already tested the process with a small model, however, this larger part I’m working on is posing an issue and I would like to know if anyone has had similar problems.

Taking my stl file from meshmixer I add it to makerbot desktop, it shows up just fine (meshmixer supports and all) then when I select preview it begins processing. When it’s finished usual procedure will result in a 3d model of the print (this includes raft estimated time etc.) but all my preview shows is a blank build plate with no information as if there is nothing there to print. Like I said I’ve done this before and nothing like this happened this time. Any information is greatly appreciated.


Did you try different models?

Tried this before and had no issues. Maybe a bug

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Meshmixer can, under certain circumstances, create a model with bad vertices. Put the model through Microsoft Netfabb or makeprintable.com, and see if that helps.


I would migrate from Makerbot desktop to Simplify 3D or another slicer if you want to get the full capability out of your printer. The capability of Makerbot desktop is significantly reduced and controlling things like supports is difficult. It is much easier in Simplify3D. Makerbot desktop has also been buggy in the past.

I agree. Never used makerbot stuff but this most likely the answer. Netfabb will tell you if the model has any problems and will usually fix them with the default repair. Meshmixer can do repairs also, including stuff that Netfabb can’t/wont(free version) fix but it’s a little less automated.