Hi! I’m relatively new to 3-D printing and would like to know if there is any way to use the soluble support structure material on a Mojo printer to create a 2-color print, namely a two-color nameplate.

Ideally, both nozzles are the Mojo are the same and two different ADP spools could be used. If that is not the case, perhaps there is a way to print an object as a custom “support structure” so that it appears in a second color. (For example, the rectangular base of the name plate could be the object and the name on it could be the “supports”). If custom supports are not possible using Print Wizard, perhaps there is another printing program that supports the Mojo printer.

If anyone has any recommendations, answers, advice, etc., please let me know. I would be very grateful!



PS: I am aware that the Mojo was not designed for this and is best used for fabricating dense, intricate parts to prototype ideas. However, it is the only printer available for the two-color nameplate project

Hi Larry,

so is it right, that is the Mojo from Stratasys?

I hope.

Then you have two nozzels. One for ABS and one for SR30 Support Material.

So you need another Slicer that supports two or more extruders.

You can try Simplify3d. There is a Dual-Extrution-Wizard you can use for your project.



pro3d Vienna

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Thanks, Chris!

Yes, there are two nozzles for the materials you described. Do you know of any other slicers that support dual extruders? Simplify 3D doesn’t seem to support the Mojo unfortunately - https://www.simplify3d.com/software/supported-printers/

My other concern is that the extruder head handling the ABS instead of support material might need to run at a different temperature/other different settings. What are your thoughts?



PS: Might there be a clever way to trick the Mojo into printing support structures in the shape of a name above the rectangular prism base? (e.g make a floating name that is thinner than half the thickness of the plastic that needs supporting but won’t actually print)