Hello fellow Hubs,

Today we’re announcing our embeddable Order Tool widget, the first feature of our new 3D Hubs Power Tools. Over the next few months, we’ll be releasing more Power Tools that will give Hubs even more power and control over their customer’s user experience.

The Order Tool, which can be embedded directly into a web page, is a customer upload tool that brings the power of 3D Hubs directly to any website. This powerful new feature allows Hubs to offer their prospective customers the ability to upload their design files and receive an instant quote without ever leaving your website.

How Do Customers Use the Order Widget?

Once the order widget is embedded on your website, your customers can directly upload a .stl or .obj file on the page. A simple checkout flow allows the customer to set their print preferences (e.g. color, material). When the order is submitted, a new order is created at your Hub. From there on it follows the standard order process.

Orders generated through the order widget will increase your Hub rating, increasing overall search ranking and customer inflow. Over time, your Hub will significantly benefit from more orders. That’s why we call it a Hub Power Tool :wink:

Why Use the Order Widget for Your Hub?

  • Reduced 3D Hubs service fee: all orders through the Order Widget will have 7.5% fee instead of 12.5%.
  • The Order Widget is an instant online quoting system on your own website based on your Hubs pricing, printers and material settings.
  • Netfabb auto file repair. All 3D files will be checked on printability and automatically repaired by the Netfabb cloud solution if needed.
  • Secure payment processing (All major payments methods such as IBAN for EU, Paypal, Mastercard, American Express, Visa, Bitcoin and many more country specific methods)
  • 3D Hubs’ order management system. All orders will be added to you order flow on 3D Hubs, including individual order pages for direct communications with your customers

How Do You Set Up the Order Tool?

The tool is a widget that can be easily embedded simply by pasting a short string of generated code into your website.

Step 1

Find your embed code for the order widget on your Hub dashboard on 3D Hubs. Go to the tab “Power Tools” and generate your code by setting the variables “color”, “size” and “text”.

Step 2

Paste your embed code into your website where you want the button to appear. It’s really that easy!

For additional resources, click below on the logo of the provider you’re using for a quick tutorial on how to embed an iframe into your website.

If you’re using another provider and not sure how to install the code or need help with anything else regarding Power Tools, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via email or phone. Additionally, always be sure to check out our FAQ section to see if you might find help there, too.

Ok then, hope you like it! As we plan to release much more Hub Power Tools in the near future, I would love to hear your comments on this one.



Ps. To see the Order Widget in action, have a look at a few of our beta-testers:


That’s cool bro


Really nice !

I like it a lot.
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cool stuff thanks!

I added it to my website http://www.ideato3d.be/services/


Awesome! :slight_smile:

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That’s awesome!


Is there a way to add this to a WIX site? www.markheller3d.com

Great function! I just added it to my website.


Maybe it’s an idea to also ad a comment/question button in this screen.

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7.5% is just too much. Just our opinion.

This is a good discussion for us, because personally I feel it’s very low.

Allow me to explain, if you consider the fact that payment services alone are 2 - 4%, the “actual fee” is about 3 - 5%. For this fee we offer full customer support, order management, and all the other software functionally which we have built.

I think it’s virtually impossible to find just a payment and order management system below this price point and this excludes all other services we include. So I do feel it’s an extremely sharp offer. I might be wrong, so this discussion is important. Let me know!




Nice! :slight_smile:

@Bernard would you know?

I figured out how to do this on a WIX hosted site. www.markheller3d.com

I figured it out. Thanks. I’ve got it on www.markheller3d.com

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I think the price is extremely reasonable. Thanks 3D Hubs.

So the 2-4% the credit vendors charge is included in that 7.5% ?


Will have to run some numbers again, but if 7.5% is the BOTTOM line, that might make more sense.

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Hi Filemon,

Are the service fee’s still reduced to 7.5% if the order went through the order widget embedded to my website ? I can’t find this information anywhere else on 3dhubs.com

Thank you, David

Jep! This includes payment services. More info about the Order Widget can be found here: https://www.3dhubs.com/talk/thread/hub-powertool-embeddable-order-widget