Hello all,

I thought some fellow hubs might be interested in our new filament that we have just launched on Kickstarter yesterday. I’ve been using it for my hub prints for a couple of months and it is largely responsible for my high rating and volume of orders.

I won’t go into all the details on here but MatteForge has a unique matte finish that reduces the visibility of layer lines. It also has high impact resistance and good flexural strength.

You can get full details on the Kickstarter campaign here… https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/steelmans/matteforge-3d-print-filament

Simon - Steelmans Hub


Do the prices on kickstarter include VAT and will a VAT invoice be issued?

Thanks for the message. Yes VAT is included and an invoice will be issued.

Thanks for getting back to me. What do you expect the retail to be on the reels post kickstarter?

We are unsure of the final retail price at this stage as we are still making improvements to the packaging and reducing costs in areas that won’t effect the product.

A successful Kickstarter campaign and hence a larger first production batch will have a big effect on the retail price too. As soon as we have a firm figure we will convey this information.

Do you plan on retailing to the USA once production starts? I’d love to try it but the shipping price to the US is a bit cost-prohibitive.


Yes we definitely plan on retailing to the USA. We already have some resellers lined up but at this stage we know when this will begin.

Regarding Kickstarter, maybe the 250g tester pack might be ok? Also the multiple quantity packs are more economical for delivery. Here is the USA shipping breakdown…

250g tester pack - £12

1 x 1KG - £21

3 x 1KG - £34

5 x 1KG - £44

8 x 1KG - £51

12 x 1KG - £64

(Each pack actually weighs 1.5kg)