Something I wanted to share and that possibly will make fdm printing compete with sls and even sla printing :slight_smile:

To start of I invented a new type of cold end, it does not use a hobbed bolt but a belt. So there will never be any grinding of the filament anymore and way less jamming of the nozzle. I hope it will inspire a whole new type of extruders, called “v-struders” :wink:

One of my first customers, a goldsmid, has let me know that he was able to print without any problems with a 0.1mm nozzle using moldlay wax filament. Im now searching for a place to buy a 0.1mm nozzle or even smaller so I can confirm this myself. Anyone knows a good webshop, preferably with fast shipping?

To this moment I was only able to test the v-struder with a 0.4mm E3D nozzle. In an extrusion only test, using petg 1.75mm at 235 degrees celcius I was able to extrude up to 2 meters per minute of raw filament without any slip in a bowden configuration with a bowden tube of 1 meter long. For higher speeds the filament would buckle inside the cold end in the gap between the belt and the ptfe tubing… probably because the hot end’s thermic capicity to meld the filament was reached.

You can buy it here: https://reprapworld.com/?products_details&products_id/1134/cPath/1616_1668#.Vpo9WlKGNoc

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Nice idea! You should put a video up…

Design not so good as it looks.

This looks interesting, but I guess they don’t give the STL freely. It would be nice if we could print spare parts for it.

Wonderfull design, I agree that this is the way forward.

The belt extruder also ensures a 100% constant extrusion factor, soft filament digs deeper in the teeth of a (sharp) hobbed then hard brittle PLA. This effectively alters the extrusion factor by reducing the hobbed bolt diameter

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Any test results from using PLA with respect to the 90 degrees corner?

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the new version is yet to be published but it will indeed be open source.


It does look great and I feel it’s a great idea. Would you elaborate?

I’m in! One of the most exciting extruders i ever encountered! And it looks cool too!

Is there any way to measure how much pressure you can exert on the filament between the belts and the driver?

Is it comparable to this model https://0x7d.com/2014/07/improved-ultimaker-2-material-extruder/ ?

Agreed should just have two rollers geared together with rubber grippers. I am working on this. It will be direct extrusion though bowden is not very good in my opinion.

Oh thank you very much! This will be useful for altering to the parts (for example for adding an inlet for the bowden tube).

Looks good, but the filament being bent while going in (80 degree) is not really optimal for filaments that are easy to break, or?

I loke this idea but you are not going to release stl files on this? Can i print my own please? This looks like a great idea, i would like make one for myself. What do you say?

Awesome! Cant wait to produce one. I think this is THE solution for flxible filament too!

Nice. Love the idea since i hate teeth dig and strip. Might need latger diameter for pla but still. Videos please

I agree, a video demo would be nice!

Dang it. I had the same idea. However, I have a different idea than you, but look great.

This looks great, I hope the order ships fast and that the kit is complete? I’d need to print with a variety of nozzle diameters, .2 up to .8, this looks like it could do it with enough heat and cooling.

Would love to see how it does with PLA, I don’t have quite so many jams with other materials.