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Just been dealing with a difficult model. It was showing as non-manifold in the 3D Hubs but it looked like it would print anyway initially. In future I think I should just not accept an order until it is shown as OK in the print-ability report.

Question for 3D Hubs: does turning down an order which is showing as having print-ability issues affect my stats negatively in any way? Obviously it shouldn’t do, but the question is does it? The problem is if I accept the order and then have issues (As I have done here- maybe foolishly), that can lead to more negative feedback and a lot of stress for the hub trying to print something that has already been deemed unprintable.

What is your advice on how to handle printability issues?


Before accepting I typically donload a model and see if my slicer complains about it. If it does, can I correct it in MeshMixer, MeshLab, NetFabb, Wings3D, Rhino, or SketchUp Pro with STL plug-in. Most of the time one of those can auto fix it, if not, I need to do import and export magic on some of them. I’ve had files created in Rhino by someone, and every other 3D program wouldn’t even load it. Rhino loaded it and it looked completely normal, I exported to another format, imported in to another program, then exported from there to STL.

Sometimes you need to jump through hoops and you need to determine your threshold for the amount of work put in pre-acceptance. I will also use screenshots of the errors I get and put them on the order under Additional Attachments so the customer knows what I am seeing and trying to correct.

3D Hubs can answer your rating impact, most of these things are mysterious.


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How about a response from 3D Hubs staff on this? This is the 3D Hubs talk forum right? You guys there?


In case an object appears difficult to be 3D Printed, it is important to inform your client about it. With this, also try to send the probable errors which occurred, the photographs of the model and any other additional trouble which has occurred.


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Hi @gregh,

Thank you for starting this thread. The Mesh integrity feedback tool within the 3D viewer is meant to be a tool to assist Hubs during the Technical Review step in order to find potential printing issues. We have found that a lot of user uploaded content contain geometry errors but this does not mean the model is unprintable. Very often slicers are able to automatically fix the models while slicing or the error in the geometry does not prevent the model from being sliced correctly.

When you feel that you have to decline an order and there was no way you could help your customer I would advise you to reach out to and we’ll be able to look at the situation and assist you.

Robin - 3D Hubs