I just bought an ATOM 2.5EX Printer, this is my 2nd printer but 1st one with dual extrusion.

i have some Nylon+CF filament that i want to use.

but for support, i had this idea, since Nylon is resistant to Acetone (from Googling and my long time ago engineering degree)


is it possible to print Nylon with PLA or ABS support, then dissolve the supports with acetone?

i would like to hear from you guys, especially ones with chemistry background.

if this works, it can cut down my cost as i use it for work and PLA is just much easier for me to obtain.


Hey Jason,

I think you will find it particularly difficult to dissolve PLA in acetone, I only know of one modified-PLA brand that is even affected by it in the short term. But ABS should generally work. The only thing to consider is that soaking the part in acetone could leave you with the entire part coated in ABS slurry, but you could just keep enough fresh acetone around to rinse that off afterwards.

Hope this helps.



Thanks Jonas, You’re right… I can see the slurry abs to be a bit of a problem. I didn’t know pla is acetone resistant. Thanks for letting me know that. I think i might give the abs a go next week with some simple prints and see how’s that gonna turn out

PVA is optimal around 190C-210C with bed plate at 80C. Also degrades around 200C, which makes it incompatible with Nylon. Carbon Fiber Nylon is optimal at 240C-260C with bed temp about 120C. HIPS is optimal at 230C-240C with bed temp about 115C which makes it more suitable for Carbon Fiber Nylon. HIPS is soluble in Limonene.