I am a M.E and i need a printer with good dimensional accuracy & also strong enough parts for functional prototypes.

I heard that i should rather go for the Fortus FDM printers than the Object series, as the parts are not strong enough & tends to be not so accurate compared to the FDM series.

The other issue is print speed. How does it compare to Fortus 250 for example which is close in terms of price.

Finally, its said that after the print the parts from an Object printers needs to work or time, can you please elaborate.

So my questions is to all Object users, what would you recommend.

Thank you,


Fdm more of a hollow objects without so much modification. The powder and resin types, one has to make part solid/ or incorporate a hole(s) to remove excess material. If your printing a frame say the no to much issues with cleaning off excess powder and adding a final finish to some parts. But is best for multiple colors if that’s your target. What do you want to print is the question?

Go with the objet, it is actually more accurate than the FDM and gives you 3-5x better layer resolution. If you are needing test parts for strength evaluation, you’ll want to get an SLS or FDM. Better to just outsource it to a pro like me who knows what they’re doing and can help you determine which technology is best. We run both FDM and Polyjet, do you want a sample benchmark part in each material so you can compare?