Has anyone fitted a new UV lamp themselves and can anyone advise the process for calibration?

I understand it is fairly simple to fit, but calibration is key for correct printing of models.


Changing is fairly simple but you would normally need UV calibration tool to properly adjust calibrate power of the lamp. You can change one UV lamp and decrease its power by a margin being new and use it for some time until you get tehnician to calibrate or get calibration tool. Calibraton tool from Stratasys cost around 1000 euro.

Thanks. I just got a confirmation from our service provider that they can supply the lamp and talk through the procedure on the phone. Then it can be calibrated at our next service later this year.

There are instructions in the maintenance book and videos online, it looks fairly straight forward.

It would be nice to have a UV light meter to calibrate, but reasonably pricey.

Thanks for the advice.

I have replacement bulbs and have changed them out myself. I use a Power Puck UV meter to rad the UV output and set levels in the maintenance side of the software.


Just to clarify. I have replacement bulbs available for sale as well. You can either call me or check ebay for “Objet UV bulb” if you want one.

I suggest you call my colleague Shawn, who is very experienced with objets

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Thanks. Do you mean you have just replaced the bulb in the original fitment or bought a whole assembly from Stratysys? I am being quote £250GBP for a reconditioned unit.

As for the Power Puck UV meter, could you let me know an approx cost and where you purchased it from? I am not having much luck on where to buy it on Google search.

Ok… I found here… $4K USD too much for us.


Thank you. I presume you are selling bulbs with the intention to open the unit and replace the bulb? Rather than a reconditioned unit.

I found the listing for OEM UV replacement lamp for Stratasys Objet Eden 250/260 printers. Do you have for Objet 24 and can you advise a price?

I got my power puck on ebay for $300

Email me for bulb details kier@chameleoninc.com

I need one UV Lamp for Objet30. My email is bbboyet@yahoo.com