Hi Everyone, what is the most efficient way to change the material on Objet machine, is there a way to minimize the lose of material which is 300 gram while changing it.


If it is the same type of material i.e. Vera Blue to say Vera Black, all you need do is peel off the round RF tag on the very top of the container and swap it with the other one wanting to use. under the material label you file smaller Metal washer that is the RF tag.

The machine will get fooled in thinking it has the same material.

The only downside to doing this is your part may have a blend of the different colors but if it’s going to be painted or the customer does not mind this will save you that loss of unused grams. I have been doing this for years with no issue or no problems with the print heads.

However you cannot do this when you’re changing to a different material types.

this is when you have to do a complete material flush there’s no way around it.

Alan Dobbs


Houston Texas. USA

With the greatest of respect, the machine should be used in the proper fashion. It is an Objet. If you go outside the parameters you have no comeback on your warranty. I have two and they are brilliant. The loss of material can be worked into your pricing and you should allow for it in your calculations. Stacking jobs to run in order of materials is another good way to minimise waste. Changing over too often will obviously result in the loss of more material. Hope this helps, happy printing!

Not at all

what about using a cleaning fluid for parking, and then changing it to new material would it will prevent loss of material?.

When changing from a more opaque material to a less opaque one, more material is wasted. If you stick to opaque materials (vero), changeover waste shouldnt be much more than 100g

What about VeroWhite to VeroClear?

If you go outside of the recommended usage, you will come undone. The machine is only as good as it’s operator. Look after it and it will look after you.

If you can tolerate some mixing between the builds, I have not done the purge, and click the not recommended button, then you do not loose any materials, however, you have a blended build…

There should be a option just to use new material without doing change. You will have a blend of material but it’s better then wasting it.

Hi, we have the 30 Pro so I’m not sure if the purge cycle options are different on Prime or not. We always use the economy method to print something that may have mixed colors rather than just waste material. That tray acts as a buffer basically between prints. I’ve heard of people filling empty containers with syringes of other material but that is risky if you’re not a pro. Hope that helps

It don’t work that way. The materials are slightly different in composition.

Has anyone ever used another material created by another company? I heard that you can use another resin thats cheaper and I would like to know what that is.

Also, I used expired materials, I keep my stuff in a fridge so it lasts longer. Using expired materials is fine, just use a tag from the same type of material or even a different type.

I tried using a material tag from DurusWhite on VeroWhite, works like a charm. It really makes no difference. I am going to try using Prime materials on my Objet 30, pretty sure it will work just fine. I spoke to support specialist, he said upgrading Objet 30 to Prime is just a software upgrade, which means they just let you use other materials.

You can also cut the empty containers open and get like 10-20g from them, combine them into one, save save save!

Don’t be scared to experiment, just make sure to keep cleaning fluid on hand. You may notice dripping, just make sure to clean the printer when you see that with clean fluid and thoroughly. Do a few wipes and purges.

Also if you have any issues, just turn off your printer, unplug from a wall and wait a little> This solves 80% of issues faced by customers.

going to veroclear will always waste 300g. It’s not really worth doing unless the job is huge!

There are other print heads from China, that cost a few hundred vs 1k+, I havent seen them but I know they exist.

The rest of the printer, is really easy to maintain and support. Don’t even buy their 4-5k yearly support, just put that money aside, better buy a print head every year, replace a light bulb every 6 months, and you can even replace all the tubing inside, but thats up to you. What I am saying, this thing is really a simple piece of technology. Its just a glamorized InkJet printer with 100+ heads and bunch of tubes.

Keep cleaning this thing and you will get at least 5000 hours before you have to replace a head. The servos last forever but even if they burn, you can replace them with market servos. The printer actually costs a few thousand to make, but sold for 50k+, only because they have patents, which expired this year, actually.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I think its possible to hack their communication mechanism with the printer and completely write a whole new software on top that prints and does better stuff.

Also, since this machine is windows, call your support specialist but before you do that, install a key logger onto the machine. The support specialist will put in their password into the machine, which gives them extra options within the Objet software. Capture that password with the keylogger and there you go, full control!

Oh another, don’t buy those waste containers that cost $10+. I just bought a huge industrial container and extended a tube out of the printer into it, done! Haven’t changed my waste container for over a year.

But at first, i was just taking the waste container and emptied it into the large industrial waste container, kept recycling it. highly recommend it!

Do you know what kind of bulb the UV assembly uses?