Our office recently had an Objet technician come out and fully service our Objet Eden250 printer to get it up and running. Yesterday we were able to print a test page to confirm the print heads were working, but today every time we attempt to print a test page or print head alignment no material seems to come out of the heads at all. We have cleaned and purged the heads, etc. to no avail. We have tried sending a 3D print job that successfully printed in the past and the printer seems to think that it is printing the file, but again, no material is being printed to the tray (no modelling material and no support material). Any ideas as to what may be causing this? We aren’t getting any error messages.

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Where are you based…

Hi bpete,

It’s strange that you have no error messages! Have you checked if all the plastic tubes (for material and support) are propertly connected. I’m thinking that there must be a leak somewhere along the path from the cartridge to the heads, if no material reaches the heads. I’d start with opening the sides and see.

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Its the cat5 cable that goes from the print heads to the internal computer, might have to be changed or make sure both ends are plugged in


When doing the purge sequences , do you see material pouring out of the heads? What does the vacuum reader show?

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It was the cat5 cable! Thank you so much for your help!

Glad it was simple!