Looking for input from any owners of the 5500X. We are currently looking to get a new printer for our office. Any input with regards to positive or negative experiences would be great. We currently run Stratasys Objet printers.

Thank you.

I would go with the 5500x vs the connex anyday. They both have issues that’s for sure. The print head on the connex can be changed yourself. The 5500x requires a tech and some fighting with 3d to get it replaced. The material is not sticky like the connex. Better materials with the 5500x by far. The only issue with this machine is post processing of wax support structure. Not really office friendly as I would have someone dedicated to this machine and not have just anyone working with the machine. Better resolution by far… just better overall machine.

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Hello, I currently have an Objet 30 Pro with roughly 150 runtime hours that is in near perfect condition. We are currently looking to sell our Objet30 Pro for $45,000 USD, price is negotiable. Please contact me a aborre@kyosayglobal.com if you have any additional questions.

Thank you. We currently have 2 Objet 30 printers, but are looking to upgrade our Eden 350.

What’s the issue with the post processing if you don’t mind me asking? Do you currently have a connex? We have the Eden 350 and have had no issues with it. My biggest gripe about the 350 and really all the objet printers is the amount of data they can handle during a print. They max out at about 200 MB total. Do you have data limitations on the 5500x? What about print failures? How often do you run into those (ie…just stops print due to some error not file related). Thanks for your input.

45k way to high for that machine. You can get a used projet for that price…

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We’re looking at purchasing the Projet 5500 also. I’ve spend sometime with the re-sellers and it looks to be an excellent 3D printer. As mentioned there is post processing like all commercial machines, and for this one it’s the finishing oven, an ultrasonic with mineral oil and then detergent. For pint failures do your regular maintenance and keep the room temperature between 70 and 80 Fahrenheit and you’ll be fine.

3D system doesn’t honor its warranty. I’ve got 3510SD with defective printhead. One side of the printhead got blocked after 3 months of use and I’ve been trying to get a replacement head for more than a year.

You get a brand new Objet 30 Pro for that price.

How does the material cost compare with the 5500x and the Connex 3?