We are so excited about our first 3D Hubs Filament Workshop tonight! Its so much fun to polish metal PLA composite prints!!! We just added a polishing kit with some instructional videos to share our experience so far with polishing Stainless Steel PLA. How do you polish your prints?



Nice tutorials, thanks for sharing them, Alex!

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I can’t believe I wasn’t printing with this until now… I think showing off prints made with this will truly impress anyone!

So glad this helps demonstrate why Proto-pasta Stainless Steel is interesting! Can’t wait to see what you make!!! Please share with the community :slight_smile:

Alex, I love this! Thanks so much for creating this video for our workshop. @LieNielsen had similar frustrations to those I did with polish special filaments. I’m sure a few folk from our NY workshop will have questions for you. I’ll direct them your way!

@nikki @michael_arief_9 Glad to get a dialogue going to demistify finishing! I know I still have lots to learn as well!!!

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It’s in the Hub Mail!