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Printed injection molds

Hello, I am looking for someone to work with, I am an owner of an injection molding company on the south shore of Montreal. I am looking for someone that could print out some injection prototype mold inserts for me. We create injection molds for prototyping and high volume production, but I would like to add some low volume proto molds to our line. We have a lot of demand and we have the experience to get this going. So if someone out there wants more business and has the printer that could print quality mold inserts then please get in touch with me.

My name is Norman.

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I have 25years experience with injection moulding tooling, processing and tool and part design. Additional information about me can be found at 3DdesignWorx on the internet. I have (3)printers that can do the high temperature material required for a mould insert. My largest machine has a 500x500 print bed. I have not printed a mud plate insert yet and am interested in understanding your projects further.

I am curious about your injection press tonnage range and the types of materials that you typically process.


Hi Chris, I mostly mold engineering resins (very hot) like PBT, Nylon, PC, some peek and so on. Of course I also mold some general resins but not that much. My company has 3 molding presses that range from 40 to 110 tons. We make alot of aluminium molds but I would like to get the smaller productions and the speed of printing inserts.

Where are you from?

Check out my site www.amtcanada.com

I am from Trenton Ontario.

Thank you for the link.


I have a form 1 and can print in high rez/high temp resin.

Fwel free to email me. Madpropps@gmail.com

Hi Mike where are you from? I have a Marktwo if ever you need something from that.

I would check into using a resin printer or maybe even something similar, but I know that SLA machines will give you very minimal layer lines/marks. The size of your molds would definitely be a factor and also tensile strength required…as stated previously.

Here is some literature on the Form2 resin printer material breakdowns… Somebody said they had a high temp sla machine I think. That is what material Formlabs recommends. https://formlabs.com/materials/engineering/?utm_content=main-nav if scroll down a little…

good luck! :slight_smile:

Like a couple others here, I have the MarkForged Mark Two that has some unique capabilities that would let us make molds for low volume injected plastics manufacturing. In fact, I have been wanting to work with a company specifically to “Dial in” this capability. Please feel free to reach out to me, at sbrady@covation3dfoundry.com


Hi Steve and thx for the reply, I too own a Marktwo printer, and honestly there is no chance in hell I could make a mold with that expensive toy. I don’t know if yours has features that mine dosen’t but I would never pull it off with my machine. I think what I need is more like a SLS machine with high temp resins.

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Hello Norman,

My name is Grant Michel, I work with 3D Parts Manufacturing (based in Indianapolis, Indiana) to do FDM printing, but we also have an Ipro SLA machine, a M280 DMLS machine, and a connex polyjet that can make molds for ABS like plastics and other materials. This is great for low volume runs of a couple hundred to a thousand parts. You can contact me at grant.michel@3dpartsmfg.com. Here is our website: www.3dpartsmfg.com

Good day to all, I own a Markforged Marktwo printer… I would like to trade with someone interested in having one. My machine is barely used and comes with all kinds of spare parts and filaments including Carbon fiber, glass fill, and Kevlar. This machine is a professional series and is transferable to a new owner. The reason I would like to trade is that for what we do I just cannot find an application that my customers want. I does what it promises, super strong parts! I would like to trade with someone that has a formlabs Form2 machine of equal value.

So if someone is in the same situation as I, please contact me.


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