Printing Issue (filament caused?)



Hello all, first time posting here. I have been working around 3D printing for just over a year on a weekly, hands-on basis for research at school and personal use/learning. I have a roll of PLA filament that I’ve had opened (and not stored with silica or in zip-lock-bag) for about 5 months and am getting to the bottom 3rd of it now. I’m well aware that PLA absorbs water and will degrade over time without proper storage, so I’m sure my problems are due to this filament. As you can see with the two pictures I posted, these are my most recent attempts to print with my cr 10.

The finished print has a corroded look to me. This print was set at 100% infill, and while the walls are thin at in the upper section I do not think it looks right. This is where I suspect the filament is the issues, based on the look and weakness of my print even at 100%.

The clumps on the bed are when I went back to use try older files that I had perfect success with. The extruder would follow the correct paths, but spurt clumps of PLA onto the bed and vibrate greatly at the extruder motor.

If anyone can confirm this is most likely a filament issue that would be great! I have a fresh, unopened roll that I can use tonight but wanted to wait and see if there were other possible problems that could cause this (jams, extruder head degradation, etc.). Thanks!