Hi Everyone,

I’m working with a printrbot plus metal while I’m printing with PLA and have PVA layer on my print bed. Small prints with a flat surface work fine, however when I have prints with a large base, at some point I start seeing peeling happening.


I’ve tested putting more PVA, slowing print down, increasing layer height, increasing bed temperature all without luck.

I’ve attached my cure settings as a screenshot and also artifacts of the print as well.

Looks like your first layer is too high, and maybe a little too hot for PLA ? and check your nozzle height above the bed, most want a paper thickness distance. and make sure your fans are working :slight_smile:

Hey there, here are a few things to try.

in order.

1. Download a trial simplify3d and try a print with its default settings. After tons of issues with mine, I got a perfect print using it.

2. Try 70 bed temp and 205 hot end temp

what hot end do you have?

It looks like your bed is possibly bowed or bowled in the middle, causing nozzle to be too far away during this area, check your bed for flatness and ensure your auto level is callibrated

Printrbot had me check this once by placing a straight edge on the bed and try to slight a flat thin piece of paper through underneath.

However also check the extruder guide plate.

Try a thicker first layer. Under Advanced settings.