Hey everyone, I have an original Prusa i3 mk2, I have had it since June 27, 2016. It has been printing perfectly until now. Now I have weird layers showing on my models. They only happen on 200-300 microns, but 100 microns is perfect. Also, it happens with both PLA, and Abs. I have tried using curs rather than s3d, and it still happens. I am pretty sure it is not under extrusion, as I have upped my extrusion multiplier up a lot, and the same thing happens. I have attached pictures of Only an Abs print, as that is the only one I have printed currently. It is the same for PLA. Please get back to me shortly.

Looks like you have a partial clog. Have you tried a cold pull?


Isnt your fillament wet? Did you storage it in original box with silicon ball dryer?

Yeah, i would check your nozzle and also your extruderpulley. i dont know, how many kg of filament you printed within one year, but maybe think about replacing your nozzle with a new one.

Cold pull is a good idea.


Hi Arjun,

Its looks like the problem is with the temperature,

The hot end is too hot so you need to cool it down. Please try to try the next tips for better result:

Tip #1: Check the material settings

This might seem obvious, but just double check that you’ve given the printer the correct details about the material. The latest filament temperatures range from between 180 – 260ºC or thereabout, so it’s surprising how easy it is to get this wrong.

Tip #2: Decrease the hot end temperature

In the printer or software settings decrease the hot end temperature. Depending on the severity of the overheating, drop the temperature in 5ºC intervals.

Tip #3: Speed up the print

If the filament isn’t being discoloured then you could try speeding up the print speed.

Tip #4: Check the fans

Check that the cooling fans are directed at the hot end. Check that they’re in the right position and if possible boost their speed to increase airflow over the cooling filament.

Best of Luck,

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I had some similar lines with bad filament. The roll of Prusa filament that came with my printer works perfectly, but I ordered some $18 filament from walmart, and it prints great at 100 microns like you said and poorly at 300.

I hope you figure it out soon.