I have a new (a few weeks old), but slightly used fully assembled Original Prusa i3 Mk2s that I would like to sell. I bought it for about $1000, and would like to sell it for around $750. I will include one unopened spool of Makergeeks dark green ABS. I will also include 3D Printed vibration dampening feet for the printer (to make it even more quiet). There is a slight deformation in one of the fan shrouds, but it does not prohibit the airflow. This is an official Prusa Research product, and not a cheap knockoff.

I can deliver locally (Los Angeles), or ship it (you pay the shipping).

In case anything happens when you buy this, there is about an 11 month warrenty.

If you are interested, please email me at zmelmed@gmail.com


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You do realize that a BRAND NEW MK2S straight from Prusa himself only costs $599, correct?

Thanks for your imput. I will take it into consideration, although I did not buy the kit, and it is not what I am selling. I am selling the prebuilt version. Where did you see that the warranty is void?

Prusa is selling new MK2S kits for $600 and I believe the warranty is void if the product is sold or transferred. You’re asking for $150 over their price and providing a voided warranty. You need to rethink your asking price.

The draw of the pre-built version is that it comes precalibrated but after you used it for a month that is no longer a guarantee. In order to place a claim on a warranty you need proof of purchase and they need to match your name to your order number. Usually on electronics items warranties become void when the product is sold or transferred because you cannot provide proof of purchase.

Prusa will transfer the warranty but I only know of that on new ones being resold. I know of this from a dealer in Canada. Prusa asks for the original invoice number etc. I would check with them to see. They might do it.

Yes, but that is the kit. I bought the assembled version from Prusa before the Mk3 was announced, and I am selling it assembled, not as a kit.

I just double checked with Prusa. The warranty is NOT void if sold or transferred.

While I do see your point about the pre-built version, I took very good care of my Prusa, and I myself would calibrate it before I send it out. I replied to your initial comment just now, and all I need to do is provide the order number and serial number to the buyer.

Thanks! I did, and they said that they would transfer the warranty.

I think the buyer just needs the original invoice number.

I think I might stick to the price for a while. You will have a better chance of getting it in a big city so I’d see how it goes. If you are wanting to move it fast though (MK3 is my guess!!!) well you know the drill. Good luck!

Thanks! I thought pretty much the same thing about being in a big city. And you guessed my exact reason for wanting to sell.

Did you end up selling this?

No, not yet. I am still trying to find a buyer. Are you interested?